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The candle of June
Will wax and wane like the moon
I wish I could live and die
And be reborn in July
To burn for you another time
But I'll just remember

I see lovers on the hill
Watch the clouds move, lying still
She runs her fingers through the grass
I wish I were the light that passed
Into your dark eyes when you laughed
But I'll just remember

The shimmering leaves
Of those cottonwood trees
Whisper goodbye to the sun
I wish in the night you'd come
Melt in the darkness, be as one
But I'll just remember



Howdy!  My name is Trevor.  I'm from St. George, Utah;  known throughout Washington County, Utah as arguably among the music capitals of said county, although there are no venues and public dancing is prohibited by law.

This enormous stock photograph of an Ibanez amplifier reminds me of the insignificance of my small human life in the context of humanity and existence as a whole.  Thank you for randomly placing it here.  It truly embodies "Indie Musician Website Starter Theme Pack."

I write and perform original songs and I have fans in 35 countries.  Unfortunately, only one fan per country, not counting my three die-hard supporters in the Netherlands.  Dank je wel, guys.

I just released my first album, "Halfway in the Night"-- you can find it here:

amplifier and guitar


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